What is the root cause of a sewer line impairment?


Cause of broken sewer line

A broken sewer line can be your worst nightmare as it directly affects your healthy and hygienic lifestyle. Although, this problem never arises if you've called denver drain clearing company at least once in an year.But most of the homeowners doesn't pay much attention to that because the procedure is costly. However, this inspection can save your money from a sewer line replacement which might occur due to homeowner's ignorance. Anyway, let's get into some of the most common practices that causes a broken sewer line.

Improper Pipe Settlement

This fault will not reflect itself from the instance of pipe settlement, rather it will take some months or years to cause trouble. This problem arises when the alignment of your sewer line isn't properly adjusted at the time of ground settlement. Due to this, the pipe can make the wastewater flow in the opposite direction (back to your home) or stay there.The accumulated sludge will latter cause the blockage in your toilet, kitchen, and shower drains.

Invasion of Tree Roots

The most common cause as told by the pipe experts from scientific point of view, tree roots tends to attract towards water and watery elements. During this root attack, one of the roots makes contact with the sewer pipeline, and the latter is perceivable. Gradually, tree roots develop the pressure over the pipe line and eventually leads to a broken sewer lines.Furthermore, these roots grow into the sewer line forming an irresistible clog. This is the point when you realize that something's wrong with your sewer line.

Sewer Pipeline Deterioration

Many factories and industries turn their chemical waste into the sewer line which causes an inevitable corrosion of the sewer pipeline material. Besides, if your drainage water is discolored then this might cause your sewer line to corrode due to presence of harmful chemicals. This corrosion is powerful enough to destroy your sewer pipeline completely, which eventually demands sewer replacements, another costly measure.




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